Our company, the only manufacturer of interior auto ceiling using WET method, has started its activities by producing polyurethane foam in Garmsar city since 2002 and simultaneously prevented the exit of remarkable amount of foreign currency following macroeconomic policies of our beloved country and the localization of production process of foam sheets, and at the same time has taken a significant step in job creation by establishing another company in the city of Nazarabad , and all production machines produced by well-known manufacturers have been imported to Iran.


Iran Ashbent Company was registered at Garmsar Registration Office for Companies on Aug. 06, 1985 and has started its activities since Oct. 10, 2001. The main activity of our company is to manufacture required decorative parts for automotive industries, insulating industry and all the relevant commercial affairs.
Our company is proud to announce that the approval of its first production was given directly by Renault Pars and Peugeot France companies, and now we deliver all our products to car making companies based on the most recent standards in Europe.
By launching the production line of the semi-hard polyurethane foam in Garmsar, a remarkable amount of foreign currency has been prevented from exiting the country, and the line has the capacity of supplying all domestic demands of 8000 sheets per day.
With regard to the quality of the manufactured parts in accordance with the latest standards of automotive industries in the world, our company managed to receive the final approval of the interior ceiling for the Tondar 90 and 206 Peugeot cars directly from Renault and Peugeot France in the same first year of production.
During the years of imposed sanctions, our company managed to maintain all its relationship with European companies…

Prospect and vision

The most creditable and most reputed manufacturer of different types of industrial foam and interior auto ceiling in the country, relying on innovation, quality, speed and competitiveness
Leading company in terms of technology and talented and capable human resources in the country.

Quality policy

Iran Ashbent, a manufacturer of PU industrial foam and interior auto ceiling, has introduced an IMS (Integrated Management System) (ISO / TS: 2009: ISO14001: 2004.ISO18001: 2007) in order to have a more effective presence in the country’s industry, especially in the supply chain of the automotive industry. In addition, taking all legal requirements and customers’ demands into account, the following matters have been regarded as the main issues:
Securing the permanent customer’s satisfaction through focusing on the quantity, quality, price and timely delivery of environment-friendly products with zero waste approach and with the least adverse environmental and safety consequences for the beneficiaries of developing modern management systems to reduce costs, to improve continuously and to increase the productivity of the organization’s processes.
Observing legal, environmental, safety and requirements; occupational health; quality management and specific requirements of customers, and increasing the safety level of personnel, equipment as well as reducing or eliminating risks
Increasing profitability through developing market share and sustaining customer’s satisfaction in order to obtain the consent of shareholders and beneficiaries
Promoting the knowledge of personnel and developing the human resources as the main capital of the organization
Promoting the sense of responsibility and creating the culture of general participation and teamwork among the staff in order to achieve the targets of the organization
Continuous effort to increase the satisfaction and the loyalty and to create mutual profitable relationships with suppliers and customers in the direction of the organizational dependency and continuous cooperation
Improving the quality of parts and services by introducing new quality management systems
Healthy environment and safe working environment
Iran Ashbent Company fulfills this policy by following its social responsibility and the requirements of quality management and environment as well as personnel safety.
Management and all employees of the company are committed to implement strictly and precisely all principles of the policy.
I consider myself and employees committed to the above principles and expect all colleagues to try their best in order to realize them.

Our mission

Our belief in Iran Ashbent is to attempt to establish a perfect and leading company with a creditable and sustainable economic power and clear future.

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